January 27, 2017


Another ancient Martial Art that is offered at Above & Beyond in Vaughan is Tai-Chi. This activity has been practiced for thousands of years by the ancient Chinese and with his experience of meditation through movement, increased energy, Master Terry Popovich is here to share with you his Tai,chi,taichi,vaughan,woodbridge,fitness,lessonsextensive knowledge of this discipline. But, what exactly is Tai-Chi? It is the practice of: meditation, energy, and stretching to the fullest potential.

Terry will be more than happy to show you a demonstration with other students if you book a time-slot in advance. This practice involves the movement of every muscle in accordance to the flow of energy. He conducts classes one-on-one or in small groups in Vaughan, Ontario. Please feel free to contact him any time to inquire about this service or if you have any other questions. He is always here for you and your wellness.

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