January 27, 2017


Karate is an ancient Martial Art from the Far East that has been practiced by unprecedented amount of disciples for thousands of years as a form of self-defence. 5th degree black belt Master Terry Popovich is here to instruct you the best approach to this combat practice. He will teach you all the professional skills, defences and techniques that will allow you to comfortably understand Karate.


5th degree black belt master Terry with his students

Since the year 2000, he has been instructing and is available to students of all ages, orientations, and capabilities as a mentor, teacher, and Sensei expert in this martial art. Upon sign up, he will explain to you all the necessary information you will need to have a good start and he will follow through with you class by class, step by step during your time at Above & Beyond Self Defence. Master Terry begins at your level and works your way up from there.

  • After your initial sign up, a free uniform will be given to you as an appreciation for your joining ABOVE & BEYOND.


Above & Beyond Self-Defense Studio
A: 111 Regina Rd., Unit 24
Vaughan, ON
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T: 416-880-2047   

E: tpopkf@hotmail.com
We are looking forward to be fulfilling your requests and instructing you Karate!