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5th degree Black-Belt master Terry Popovich has over 20 years in Karate instructions to individuals of all levels, orientations and capabilities. Call 416-880-2047 for more information or click this icon.

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At Above & Beyond Martial Arts school in Vaughan, Terry Popovich will instruct you Qi-Gong to the fullest extent so that you can benefit from this ancient Chinese martial art. Please inquire today!

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Tai – Chi

Terry Popovich is an expert in Tai-Chi instruction. Inquire him today about this martial art. He is here to provide the best teachings available in Vaughan, just north of Toronto. See you here!

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Acupuncture sessions are offered at Above & Beyond Self Defence to anybody who would like treatment. Terry Popovich has an extensive record of treating various individuals.

Above & Beyond Martial Arts Centre in Vaughan

The Best Martial Arts School in the GTA

Terry Popovich has been instruction individuals of all ages, orientations, backgrounds and capabilities for over 15 years in the Greater Toronto Area. He is 100% here for you to fullfill any requests that you might have, martial arts or life related. He has an extensive record of helping students to better themselves in self-defence, martial arts, and everyday life situations. Please feel free to contact Terry at 416-880-2047 if you have any questions or if you would like to know more information. Terry's credentials include an extensive portfolio of him instructing in schools through out the York region as a 5th degree black-belt instructor.

  • 100% confident in Karate

  • Full Qi-Gong control

  • Best Tai-Chi instruction

  • 100% accredited and certified


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